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The sand is a place of discovery and wonder.

  Sandtray/Sandplay is a therapeutic tool that can be used during a session. You, the creator, make a picture, scene or personal world in a tray of sand, using miniature figurines and various elements representing the world. I will observe, track, and witness with respectful intention and non-judgment. Each sandtray is a unique experience and creation, tapping into one’s imagination, unconscious symbolism and dream-like world. The pictures can include many figures, just a few or none at all while the moist sand can be molded and shifted as desired.  

You may wish to talk about what you’ve created and discovered, and I may ask questions that support the felt sense of what you see reflected back to you, which in turn may deepen your curiosity to discover more. We may process the work by moving objects, deepening the reflection and narrative, changing outcome and releasing stuck energies. Or, you may prefer that we sit together taking in and honoring the completed world with silent curiosity and wonder. 

Often the impact can be surprising, powerful and deeply insightful. It is truly a unique and magical experience! I will take a photo of the work and we may refer to it at a later time if you so choose.

You are never required to work in the sand yet it is available. If you wish to use it I ask that we begin within the first ten minutes into a session. This way you will have enough time to be in the process.