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The Work: Frequently asked Questions

What is psychotherapy all about?

Supportive therapy is an opportunity to participate in a heartfelt and enriching interpersonal relationship that offers unconditional positive regard for you and the challenges you face. The therapeutic process may include exploring the ways in which you think, feel and behave, and is intended to support you in better understanding who you are in the moment, who you were in the past and who you are becoming for your future. Psychotherapy is a tool to help you gain insight, increase self awareness, positively affect your ability to make clear conscious decisions, deepen interpersonal relationships, and increase a sense of well-being and fulfillment by connecting You to what you value, what has meaning for you, and what is important for your life.

What will a session be like?

The therapeutic relationship is like no other. The environment is confidential and respectful, with each session focusing on your needs in the moment, your established goals and bridging the two aspects together through inquiry, exploration and coaching. With each session I offer a safe, nurturing and creative space, respect and high regard, meeting you where you are at, witnessing, listening, non-judgment, and when it is appropriate, humor and a light heart. Along with talk therapy I offer guided visualizatons, energy healing tools, Brainspotting, and Sandtray/Sandplay. I encourage you to bring a journal to each session so you can take notes to review at a later time. A standard session is 45-55 minutes in length. I offer longer sessions upon request.

Do I really need to go to therapy?

I believe we may all benefit from a safe, confidential and supportive space where we feel heard and seen as we experience all the various emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual tribulations and successes during life's journey.

For Some, having a relationship outside of family, friends, or colleagues can help a person reconnect to their authentic Self without the possible fear of being critiqued or misunderstood, or potentially destabilizing meaningful relationships.

For Others, psychological challenges may seem too private or shameful to talk about with loved ones, yet may become worse if the burdens are held alone, so supportive therapy becomes a necessity not an option. What is most important is determining what is right for You and finding the best way for you to enhance feelings of self-love, self-determination, meaning and connection.



May you breathe deep, see far and wide, listen closely, and know love.